Artisan pastries – Gontran Cherrier

Between tradition and creation

Here, pastries are inspired by baking: cakes are made with flour, grains and cereals used to make bread. Classic recipes are adapted from puff pastry, shortcrust pastry and biscuits using rye, buckwheat, oat flake flours or flax and nigella seeds. The flavours are new and the combinations daring. Why not try the original vanilla tart with oat flakes, or treat yourself to the vanilla and rye mille feuille…?

Ingredients which take simple but generous and gourmet fruit tarts to new levels. The tart with red fruits and nigella seeds, creme patissiere and almond appeals with the unique taste offered by the revisited shortcrust pastry.

The new range of grain-based ice creams reflects this desire to make baking part of the pastry universe. A bold and surprising blend.

Inspiration from elsewhere

The pastries are associated with exotic flavours, thanks to ingredients encountered by Gontran Cherrier during his travels, notably in Asia, and classic flavours depending on his inspiration at the time.

Lime blends perfectly with yuzu and rye and flaxseed with passion fruit: the flavours are balanced and the textures work well together. The indulgent combination of French patisserie and flavours from across the world truly tickle the taste buds.

Gourmet galettes

A traditional dessert which we share at the start of the year: the galette des rois is combined with recipes which mix classic expertise and a creative touch, with all-new ingredients: apple galette, grapefruit and buckwheat flour galette, pink praline galette...