Artisan Viennoiseries, Gontran Cherrier
Croissants and other sweet treats

They taste as good as they look!

You eat with your eyes too: the viennoiseries are each more beautiful than the next, with highly precise layers. Then, you discover the colours and textures: golden, crunchy and crackling outside, light, soft and melting inside.

The classic French viennoiseries – pain au chocolat, croissant, pain au raisin, sweet brioche – invite you to enjoy a gourmet moment to start the day well, or to enjoy a tasty treat at any time. Treat yourself to viennoiseries which combine flavour and beauty...

Selected ingredients

Nothing is left to chance by the teams of bakers and pastry chefs: precise techniques to produce the viennoiseries, plus ingredients carefully selected by Gontran himself. The T45 Red Label flour and Montaigu Butter as well as different flours, depending on the desired flavours...

Gontran croissants

Famous worldwide and appreciated by food lovers of all ages: the Gontran croissant has even layers, crunch and melts in the mouth - all at the same time. Why not try a classic croissant, or be tempted by revisited treats: lemon or blueberry...The flavours, textures and colours blend perfectly to offer you tasty viennoiseries.

Viennoiseries from here and elsewhere

Viennoiseries play an important role at Gontran Cherrier stores. A true enthusiast, the artisan baker passes on their expertise, in the purest French tradition, and adds their personal touch, to surprise and amaze food lovers. The flavour combinations are daring: the choco-banana bread and the matcha and white chocolate scone will be perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Finally, your soft and sweet moments of pleasure wouldn’t be complete without discovering kouign amann. Round and beautiful, golden, with salted and layered butter like a French viennoiserie: here, the flavour of Breton kouign amann explodes in the mouth, with buttery and caramelised flavours.