Gontran Cherrier, Artisan Baker, French expertise, gourmet creations

French craftsmanship

Faithful to French baking and patisserie traditions, Gontran respects traditional craftsmanship techniques. A long fermentation period to develop aromas and flavours; different techniques, flours and raising agents used depending on the desired acidity: by remaining loyal to the classics and adapting them depending on the desired sensations, we create bread and viennoiseries, pastries and savoury creations, using carefully chosen ingredients…

Our quality ingredients

To choose high-quality products, you need to go out and find them: we talk with producers to select the best flours (Red Label, sustainable farming) and grains from the region between Paris and Orléans... Overseas, Gontran meets local producers to learn about regional gourmet traditions and discover new ingredients, which are expertly incorporated in our sweet and savoury creations.

Surprises and pleasures for the senses

To share sweet and savoury treats, we like to create and surprise. An artisan baker and passionate pastry chef, Gontran loves to come up with bold and original recipes: a range of aromatic monochrome bread for sandwiches, black baguettes made with squid ink, pastries made from baking flour, ice cream made with grains… Tearing up the baking rule book to tickle the taste buds!

Invent, innovate, create

As a curious traveller and passionate baker and pastry chef, Gontran combines flavours and creates bold new combinations, ingredients from here and elsewhere, acquired from his travels to the four corners of the globe. We offer original bread - now classic - with curry or miso, viennoiseries and pastries with new flavours, and galettes combining different aromas.