Artisan bakery and gastronomy

I discovered the art of baking at the family store, firstly in Normandy, my place of birth, then in the Paris region. I watched the careful techniques, breathed in the aromas and learned everything about traditional expertise, passed on from father to son. I am a 4th generation baker.

I joined the Ferrandi culinary school in Paris and earned a diploma in baking at Grands Moulins de Paris. This thorough training, traditional expertise and my passion for bread and pastries opened the doors of gourmet establishments (L’Arpège with Alain Passard and Lucas Carton with Alain Senderens). An important experience which inspired me to create desserts made with ingredients used by chefs in the kitchen, and which convinced me that bread is a gourmet and subtle accompaniment which belongs in any meal…

My travels, my inspirations

Passionate about bread, viennoiseries and pastries, I love to share and exchange ideas about these gourmet dishes. Following my experience in the kitchens of gourmet establishments, I travelled to various countries, to pass on French expertise and discover local methods, new ingredients, recipes from elsewhere and local flavours. From Morocco, Romania and Russia, I returned with my head full of ideas, which now inspire my recipes...

Passing on knowledge and discoveries

I love to share, like sharing a good bread with friends or viennoiseries with your family, so I decided to pass on these experiences by becoming an adviser to professionals and a trainer at the Paris baking school, writing recipe books and hosting TV shows, to help as many people as possible to discover baking and patisserie. I travelled around France for the show La Meilleure Boulangerie de France, meeting artisan bakers. An adventure full of encounters, passion and sharing which I loved!

Our stores, our universe

In 2010, the first Gontran Cherrier store opened in Paris, rue Caulaincourt. Two years later, a second store opened in the 17th arrondissement, then in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. There you can try some French baking and patisserie classics, with a bold touch. Our original recipes, inspired by my travels, offer surprising colours and flavours: why not try a miso & rye bread, or the aromatic and flavourful monochrome bread range, which has since become a classic?

Since 2012, our stores have continued to open gradually with great success. Singapore, Japan, then South Korea, Australia, China, Taiwan and recently Thailand and Saudi Arabia. I offer the basics of baking and local products to satisfy food lovers from here and elsewhere!