Savoury creations, Gontran Cherrier
Monochrome buns, tartines and pies

Bakery and gastronomy

In Gontran Cherrier stores, bread is a key part of the gourmet savoury creations, sandwiches and dishes. Inspired by travel, designed to taste as good as they look, these savoury creations make the most of this ingredient, whilst teams of professional bakers master French artisan production. Discover gourmet innovations through bold combinations of flavours and tastes. Getting back to basics with bread, enhanced through carefully researched dishes.

Sandwiches and monochrome buns

The balance of flavours between the filling and the bread is a major component, which provides texture and flavours and matches the filling.

You eat with your eyes too: the Gontran monochrome bun range is easy on the eye and a delight for the taste buds, for tasty breaks and savoury cravings. These little buns with five colours and five flavours contain their own filling: black buns with squid ink, red with paprika... Any food lover will find their match for a savoury treat at any time of day.

Savoury meals and grilled tartines

Here, the universe of bread is adapted in several ways: the gourmet dishes make use of crunch, with cereals and flours or even breadcrumbs. Try savoury pies and tarts, made from local seasonal products, offering a mixture of successful flavours.

The grilled tartines place bread centre stage: it is livened up with high-quality ingredients which balance the flavours. There is a perfect harmony between the aromas, spices, textures and flavours. Plenty to please food lovers seeking culinary adventures and unusual blends.