Artisan bread, Gontran Cherrier bakery

The flavours of bread

In Gontran Cherrier bakeries, classic baguettes are nestled alongside curry or squid ink baguettes.. Discover real French expertise accompanied by a creative touch: the recipes are unique and make bread a vital accompaniment to your day-to-day meals or celebrations.

From the classics of French baking to bold recipes by Gontran Cherrier and his teams: treat yourself to gourmet bread, at any time of the day and on any occasion!

Selected flours and grains

The bread is made using carefully selected flours. Gontran Cherrier meets the producers he works with to ensure that products are high-quality. For the French stores, the flours come from the region between Paris and Orléans, and they are Red Label and CRC (sustainable farming) - indicators of quality. In overseas stores, flours are local, chosen on site.

Traditional and artisan processes

Each stage of the bread production process is carefully controlled, in the French tradition. A long fermentation periodis used to retain flavour. As needed, and depending on inspiration and taste, the flours change and adapt - pure wheat flour, rye, with gluten or gluten-free - and the raising agents are chosen depending on the desired acidity.

Signature Bread

A modern touch thanks to original ingredients: this combination allows us to create tasty and iconic flavours. In Gontran Cherrier stores, we are bold and throw out the baking rule book to offer you the best bread to accompany your meal.

Why not try the miso rye bread or sardine, pine nut and fresh coriander bread? The chickpea flour and lemon bread will suit your fish whilst the curry and grain bread will be ideal with your meat.

The colourful monochrome bun rangeis eye catching and a favourite of foodies: red for paprika, black for squid ink and green for nigella.